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Rapid Testing For Saskatchewan Businesses and Residents

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Rapid Testing 

  • Safe and simple point of care COVID-19 testing 
  • Delivers a result in about 15 minutes. 
  • Most tests can be done with a nasal swab
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Rapid Tests are an integral tool in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. At Outpost Health, we continue to do our part in protecting our community, supporting businesses as they re-open and ensuring safety for all of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Jamie Eng M.D MPH
Director of Public Health Services Outpost Health

BTNX Rapid Response COVID-19 Antigen Test

Sample: Shallow Nasal
Format: Cassette
Time to result: 15 minutes
Quantity: 5 or 25 Tests/Box

$18/Test - 5 Tests per Box
($90 per box)
Minimum order 1 Box
$17/Test - 25 Tests per Box
($425 per box)
Minimum order 1 Box
$59/ In Person testing
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We are performing In Person Covid tests at our clinic in Regina, Saskatchewan. The cost for this appointment is $59 / per person. Call 1-306-501-0791 to book an appointment. SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE

Point-of-care rapid antigen tests should only be done on people not experiencing COVID symptoms. Anyone with symptoms should go for a COVID test at the current testing sites or drive-thru testing options where they will receive a PCR test. Individuals with symptoms can phone 811 to book a test as well.

Those who test positive using a rapid antigen test MUST immediately self-isolate as required by the Public Health Order and receive a confirmatory test through an SHA testing facility, which will determine the ongoing need for isolation and contact tracing.


Saskatchewan has created a strategy to expand rapid antigen testing for COVID-19 in asymptomatic individuals in a variety of settings across the province. We are using rapid antigen testing as a screening test to sort people without symptoms who probably are not infected, from those who need to be further investigated. An antigen test detects viral molecules and can produce results in approximately 15 minutes.

With more contagious variants showing up in more areas across our province, it is more important than ever to expand our testing options and capacity in order to limit the spread of these highly contagious viruses.

Because variant strains are more transmissible, receiving point-of-care testing can detect COVID-19 to protect individuals and stop the spread to others. 

Testing is an important element of a multi-layered approach that will usher us through the pandemic whenused along with all the other lines of defense; using proper personal protective equipment (PPE), limiting gatherings, keeping 2 metres away from others outside your immediate household, wearing a mask,washing your hands often, staying home if you are unwell and getting vaccinated when it’s available to you. 

Testing is voluntary, but by everyone being informed of their status they can protect themselves and those around them and help maintain a safe workplace and home environment. It’s important for everyone to be tested and tested regularly.


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