Hello healthy.

Humanizing healthcare for all.

We’re modernizing the way healthcare works.

Hello Freedom.

Convenient access to licensed healthcare providers. Anywhere in the world. No waiting rooms. No line-ups. No hassles.

Hello Team.

Surround yourself with a personalized circle of care. Use video or messaging to access doctors, nurses, wellness experts and other healthcare providers.
Anytime. Anywhere. Any device.

Hello Simple.

Organize and simplify your health. Get full access to your personal health records, medications, symptom monitoring and more.


Healthcare, in the palm of your hand.

Outpost Health is available in the Google Play store or on our own web site.


More than an app

Features of our healthcare ecosystem.


The fastest and easiest way to consult a doctor. From home.

Specialty Clinics

See a specialist and get the focused care you need.


Modernizing doctor-patient communication.

Clinical Trials

Access research studies that test new ways to prevent, detect, treat or manage diseases.


Community healthcare discussion, resources and advice.

Health Record

Easy to store, record and securely share your personal health data.


Personalized care

We provide a blueprint for integrated health care that connects everything from your electronic health record to mobile phone health apps, resulting in real-time, high-quality data that can be used to improve your quality of life. 

"We believe in universal healthcare for every global citizen. Everybody in. Nobody out."
we offer

A new standard in virtual care delivery

For you and your family.


We connect you to trusted, licensed healthcare providers through a secure virtual care platform, anytime, anywhere in the world.


On-demand house calls. You can see a doctor immediately or schedule a visit at your convenience.


Be empowered to take control of your health—We provide smart, data-driven tools to help you better manage your health.


Outpost Health is a Physician-led organization. Technology powers our ability to connect with people who need care, but the patient is at the heart of everything we do.


Affordable healthcare plans to individuals, corporate organizations and governments, because we believe everyone deserves access to quality healthcare.


Increased availability and timely access to world-class health services.

Meet Outpost Health

A physician-led, global virtual healthcare organization, born in Canada. We’re bringing the best healthcare professionals together as a virtual team. For you.

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