Hello healthy.

Take control of your health. Use video or chat to access doctors, nurses, wellness coaches and other healthcare providers. Any time. Anywhere.

Hello Team.

Surround yourself with a personalized circle of care. Plus, full access to your personal health records, prescription tracking, symptom monitoring and more.

Hello Freedom.

24/7 access to licensed healthcare providers. Anywhere in the world. No waiting rooms. No line-ups. No hassles.

Meet Outpost Health.

A physician-led, global virtual healthcare organization. We’re bringing the best healthcare professionals together as a virtual team. For you.

Safe and convenient

Outpost offers access to reliable, trustworthy health care providers through telemedicine anywhere in the world at a time that is convenient for the patient.


You are empowered and in complete control of their health records and wellness journey.

Affordable and accessible

Health care services are both affordable and accessible, based on the belief that everyone deserves high-quality healthcare.

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Our mission.

We believe in universal health care for every global citizen. Everybody in. Nobody out. By empowering people, we create healthy human beings and a healthier world.

  • Engage

    Communicate and engage with your care team.

  • Prevent

    What about wellness? Take control of your health with nutrition, exercise and great sleep.

  • Learn

    We’re here to help increase your knowledge and help you optimize your healthcare decisions.

  • Monitor

    Monitor your symptoms and generate personalized data that helps you measure and improve your health goals.

  • Heal

    You and your treatment team plan and manage your conditions as true partners in your healthcare journey.

Engaging and empowering community.

Join our community of people just like you. There are a variety of topics and our medical providers also participate in discussions.

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