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Outpost offers remote Covid-19 rapid antigen tests from the comfort of your home or hotel room. Test Anywhere, Anytime. Get your results and a digital travel certificate (QR Code) in 15 mins.

How does it work?

Our certified testers perform remote COVID-19 Rapid testing via supervised video consults, as allowed by the US, Canadian and other governments globally.

Connect. Test. Travel

Our certified testers perform remote COVID-19 Rapid testing via supervised video consults, as allowed by the US, Canadian and other governments globally. Use any government-approved test (And yes, you can bring your own kits). You’ll receive a digital QR Code and PDF document of your negative test result directly in the Outpost platform. All seamless and in 15 mins.


Sign up for an Outpost Account, and book a virtual covid testing visit


Perform your rapid test under guidance of our certified providers


Receive your test results and digital travel certificate in real time

Outpost Healthcare is an authorized issuer and member of the Common Trust Network, a global registry of testing providers, health systems, vaccination providers, and public health registries.

Outpost is a top solution award winner from the United Nations World Travel Organization

Our certified testers perform supervised remote COVID-19 Rapid antigen and PCR testing via video consults. Take a rapid antigen test kit with you when you Travel, book a Virtual Self-Swab appointment for your return flight and receive your Digital Travel Certificate.

Outpost makes it easy with Virtually guided Covid testing appointments. 

How to get ready for your virtual travel Covid rapid antigen test


Make sure you have good internet connection and are logged in for your appointment time


Get your Identification and Passport information ready 


Ensure you have your unopened authorized Test Kit with you. Then login and get started!

What is an Authorized Test Kit?

It’s a Rapid Antigen Test that is authorized in the country or jurisdiction that you will be tested in.

Can I use my own purchased or free test?

We only accept a Rapid Antigen Test that is authorized in the country or jurisdiction that you will be tested in. It’s the traveler’s responsibility to acquire their own test kit, book an appointment in advance of their departure and read the instructions for the antigen test process ahead of time.

How does the Covid-19 test work?

The provider will initiate a video chat and will first review your valid ID (Passport) before proceeding. They will guide you via a video through the different steps to complete the test and will stay on the call with you until the result is ready. 

What type of Travel documents will I get?

Following a negative result, You will receive a digital copy of your Travel certificate found in your Outpost Health Records. You can download the PDF certificate to your computer and print a QR code which is included in your document to allow for easier scanning ability.

What if my Test result is invalid?

Less than one percent of the time, a test may return an invalid result. This does not mean the test was performed incorrectly but occurs in a situation where the lab device cannot report a result with confidence. If this occurs, you will be able to repeat the test with your new kit, at no additional cost to you.

Is Outpost Health configured to meet the travel or entry requirements to any destination?

It is each patient's responsibility to ensure that their travel documents meet the entry standards for their travel destination.

If my partner or family are traveling with me, is it possible to get tested at the same time?

There may be times close to your appointment when you can book for your family member. Each traveler will need a separate account to be created to get Travel certificates issued.

I am feeling symptomatic, can I still get tested for Travel?

We do not provide testing for symptomatic persons. If symptomatic or recently in close contact with a confirmed positive case of covid-19, please contact your local public health unit for more information.

Is a virtual covid test accepted for travel into Canada and the US?

The Federal Government of Canada changed the entry requirements for fully vaccinated travelers effective February 28th. Negative rapid antigen test (RAT) results from a laboratory, healthcare entity, or telehealth service are now accepted in addition to molecular tests. You must show a valid passport or driver’s license with your picture and name as it appears on your Outpost Health account to receive your travel document.

Where can I be located at the time of my virtual test?

Your test can be completed from home, an office, a hotel room, or anywhere you have privacy and good internet connection. 

What if I miss my flight?

Outpost Health is not liable for missed flights. It’s up to each traveler to determine when to get their own test kit and schedule their appointment. Please check travel requirements for your international travel destinations and pay attention to each country’s unique requirements. It’s always a good idea to have extra tests with you just in case you miss flights. Outpost Health can be accessed from any country.